Clinics / Master Classes



Available for advanced booking. Contact Steve for rates and info.



  1. Find the pulse of the song.
  2. Create the appropriate pocket.
  3. Learn how to stay within the pocket during fills, section changes, stops/starts.


  1. How time affects the energy of the song.
  2. How to improve your time.
  3. Playing with a click/loops.


  1. How to work out the wrinkles in your playing.
  2. How to train your limbs, fingers to play effortlessly at a variety of tempos.
  3. How to play what you hear without coordination “freeze ups”.


  1. Discover how note placement and volume affect your groove
  2. Discover how parts and tones affect your groove
  3. Find the appropriate feel for the song
  4. Learn how to stay in the feel for the duration of the song

Career consultation

  1. What do you want from drumming and how do you get there
  2. What are some realistic steps to your goals
  3. What you should be working on the get where you want to be

Learn the Cajon

A Cajon is a wooden box instrument that the drummer sits on and plays at the same time. Cajons are perfect for low volume accompaniment. They sound great and are easy to play. Check out the video sample below.

Other topics

  1. Preparing for a recording session, showcase, tour, audition, etc.
  2. Studio tips/tricks/tuning/advice
  3. Touring tips/advice
  4. Soloing
  5. Linear drumming
  6. Drum n’ bass
  7. August and Everything After