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Hippie Drummer Seeks Nashville Destiny! (The Universe)

Date: 2010-03-12, 12:28PM CST

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Hark ye players and muses of Nashville! I have arrived after a long journey to slap five with Music City’s fickle hand of fate. I am a keeper of time. A cooer of pocket. A Rhythmatist! I am called Stickbug.

I took the same snaking ribbon of highway that carried many of you to Nashville. I sold my jewelry at Faire, which got me into an acting troupe, who introduced me to a lover named Claire, with whom I came to town to clear up a little possession rap she’d fetched during TenRen Fest… (A rap which happens to be booooooguuuuuus!)

Or so we thought. When Claire went into booking it became apparent that we would spend many moons in this city of music. I say “we” because our binds are strong. Claire is my lover and I go where she goes. Alas, I stay where she stays – as Claire also happens to be my ride home. (Though her Datson bears no weight on my affection!)

There is a reason I was deposited into the city of music, friends, and for the next 60 days (minus good behavior) I will twist upon destiny’s nimble will. I am looking to join a musical touring company for the Spring. I have Djembe, Rainstick, and, if our travels take us through Amarillo and my sister is still clean, a nice set of goat-hoof anklets to boot. I don’t mind sharing beds or car camping or river baths and I can eat packwolf style if need be. “Soup’s enough if there’s enough soup!” Right? I’m also fine having actors and jugglers on board, as long as they respect the maidens and share the spotlight. I don’t mind dogs on the tour. In fact, I carry a couple of my own. Rescued Pits! (They only get sketchy if you show them fear.)

So, if you have a Musical Touring Company please come find me tomorrow in Centennial Park where I will be accepting abundance. No need to write back. If we are truly meant to meet it will happen. Things are aligning. It started when I came to Nashville in a B-210 in the year 2010. That isn’t something I take lightly.

I’ll be laying shirtless in the sun (Damn Ra! You keep blowin’ my mind!)… with a growling heart… and the eyes of a peaceful warrior. (I’ll have burgundy crocs and a pair of hemp cargo pants, too, in case you miss those clues.)

I await your approach, and the beginning of our odyssey.


P.S. Don’t be afraid of the dogs. REALLY!


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  1. Carol Bohl

    My stepsonSteve Bohl62 wants to play professionally and thinking of going to Nashville for work.. Any suggestions