Bittersweets Show Announcement 3

We wanted to get to some pro reviews so we left our music on a few answering machines and asked people to call us back… and they did!

The first message was from John Popper. He didn’t speak but played a furious harp solo that told us all we needed to hear. He loves our music! Next was Phil Spector, who said our songs reminded him of “a young Dick and Karen.” He went on and on… and then he started crying and it got kinda weird. But his sentiment made it through! Specifically, that Phil Spector thinks we’re better than the Carpenters! Lastly, we got a strange call back from an overly competitive Mariah Carey, who said “Nice voice but does she got’s THESE? (squish!)” and she sent us a picture of a couple of sand dunes. Translation? She loves Hannah’s voice! (Thanks MC!)

The pros have spoken and now it’s your turn. Come to the show this week. Let us “kill you softly” with our song. And when it’s over, if you can honestly say it wasn’t the best show you’ve ever seen in your life?… we will leave our gear onstage for charity and break up as a band right there on the spot. Come down and decide our future, but first ask yourself these questions:

Can you handle the white hot intensity of 1000 suns? Can you stand the grip of choking despair? Can you handle these emotions back to back while drinking a long neck Bud?

If you are looking for something that will send you staggering blindly into the night, grab your sunglasses and tissue and join us at 3rd and Lindsley this Thursday night!

That’s this Thursday, April 10th!

7:00 – ROMANTICA (Featuring members of U2 and Coldplay)

8:00 – The Bittersweets

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