Bittersweets Show Announcement 2

“Bittersweets to Play Special Concert for People Under House Arrest”

Nashville locals, the Bittersweets, recently got a taste of captivity when the band was trapped in an elevator at the Green Hills mall for a full 20 minutes. “It seemed like a lot longer than that.” said Steve Bowman, drummer for the band. “Now I know what ‘hard time’ would be like.”

“It was tough,” explained singer Hannah Prater. “But we never turned on each other.”

Chris Meyers, Bittersweets’ keyboardist, explained how this scary encounter ended up becoming a huge benefit show. “The elevator experience was intense and got us thinking about how good we have it and how many people don’t enjoy the same freedoms we take for granted every day. People in jail, for example. So we had an idea to do a big prison gig for the inmates, kinda like Johnny Cash.”

The Bittersweets ran into a hurdle, though, when they discovered they weren’t the first Nashville band to have the “Prison Gig” idea. In fact, prisons were now booking three months in advance. So the show was put to rest and the idea was forgotten. Until earlier this month, when the band’s manager came across an article about the large number of people serving home detention in Nashville.

“We found out there are thousands of people stuck at home every day under house arrest, so we decided to do a show for them instead.” said Meyers. “But we weren’t sure how to pull it off because they’re scattered all over the city and can’t leave their houses.”

Then someone thought of a radio show. What if The Bittersweets performed a concert on air that the prisoners could simply listen to in their own homes? The band got in touch with local radio station Lightning 100 and pitched the idea.

“The timing was really weird,” says station event planner Dusty Rhoads. “Earlier that week I’d had such a tight knot in my shoe I had to crash with the damn thing on. After a terrible night’s sleep I woke up thinking about all the folks who wear electronic ankle monitors to bed every night. Two days later I get a call from this band who wants to put on a show for people under house arrest. I mean… Pow!”

The show will be broadcast live from 3rd and Lindsley on Sunday, June 15th at 8 o’ clock. Also on the bill is National touring act, Teddy Thompson. “I’ve never been to jail,” said Teddy from the road, “but I was trapped in a bad publishing deal once and I feel like I can relate.”

Teddy Thompson and The Bittersweets performing a live concert for people under house arrest at 3rd and Lindsley on June 15th? That’s welcome news to Nick Paulson – who is halfway into a three month home stint for a drunken warrant violation.

“I’m a big Bittersweets fan,” he said from his tiny living room, “they have a song on the first record called Prison that really struck a chord with me. I guess cuz I was in Prison at the time.” Paulson shifted impatiently on the couch he’s practically worn out during his latest incarceration. “I wish I could BE there. I love 3rd and Lindsley’s ample parking and full dinner menu, but…” He tapped his bulging ankle. “I got ol’ Beeper here.”

If you would like see this historic event in person tickets are still available.

Special Concert for People Under House Arrest
Featuring Teddy Thompson and the Bittersweets
Sunday, June 15th, 8:00 p.m.
at 3rd and Lindsley! OR…

Had a scrape? Listen to the show on 100.1 FM.

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