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RE: Bittersweets Record Release Show on 9/4/08

Dear Nashville Publicity Group –

I hear you will be handling the press release for the Bittersweets’ Sept. 4th record release show at the Rutledge. Congratulations in advance for getting involved in what will likely be the biggest thing to come out of the Music City since Elvis! I normally do all the band’s publicity but they felt we should hire a professional this time because “it’s a really big show!”. (Apparently penning a Novella isn’t enough to be this band’s official pub guy.) Though I’m not a “pro” writer (whatever) I have very strong feelings about this project and intend to give you lots of great input. (No charge for my guidance and spice.)

As I said, the release party is September 4th, 8:00p.m. at the Rutledge – with Sarah Siskind and Mando Saenz. I would suggest using lots of exclamation points in the headline so it looks exciting!!! Then I would say this:

“The Bittersweets ‘Goodnight, San Francisco’ is coming out in September on Compass Records. It is produced by Lex Price and features many of Nashville’s best musicians.” Here you might hint at some names like Steve Earle, Emmy Lou Harris, Darius Rucker, etc. Don’t say it directly because they weren’t involved! Just a little whiff. You know the drill.

Then talk about the band. Although I am an accomplished writer I have a hard time describing things on paper. I can never seem to get my… thinking thoughts… to convey… you know… Blah blah blah! So we’ll need you to handle the deets on the peeps:

Hannah Prater:

“That girl doesn’t just SELL a tune – she drives it to your house and INSTALLS it for you!”

Hannah’s Uncle Carl (After the Harrisburg show)

The only thing I can say about Hannah’s voice is “Whoooooaaaaa!” (Maybe you can describe it better.) Hannah also plays a wooden, box style (non-electric) guitar and plays piano and play the guitar with a harmonica strapped around her neck – at the SAME TIME!!! (Please include that cool fact!)

Chris Meyers:

In the live show Chris occupies two piano keyboards – stacked right on TOP of each other – and also plays electric guitar and wooden, box style, AND sings backdrop vocals. Chris is a molti-instrument player and, besides his musicianing, happens to sing like a young Stevie Winwood! Not kidding! (Fit that in?)

Steve Bowman:

When it comes to drumming this guy is like the best drum player of drum players. I would say he is as good as Neil Peart. However, Steve sings backdrops and Mr. Peart does NOT. Hmmmmm. Does that make Steve better than Neil Peart? I don’t know… (Fit it!)

Jeff Irwin:

Have you ever heard of a real smooth guy who “plays his woman like a violin”? Well, Jeff does that on base guitar. He actually plays his base like a violin! Maybe you could make up a name for a lover/base player? Something like… Cassaplunka. Actually that’s very good. Please include Cassaplunka. (I’ll need to be credited.)

At the end of the press release say something about giveaways and special event stuff. We’re not really doing anything so don’t be specific but people like freebies so slip it in there somehow. Also, try to get them to thinking “Merch”, which is the band’s code word for CD’s and T-shirts. (Artists!)

Thanks again for taking on this “gig”, and for lowering your rate and for accepting a post-dated third-party check, etc. This is not a “rush job” but having something back today or tomorrow would allow me to clean it up, fix what’s broken, and get you crackin’ on the next draft. I have my fingers crossed that after a few re-writes we’ll know what direction to take.


Artie Fufkin
Director of Creativeness – Bittersweets

P.S. This is going to be fun for you – AND – you will get great exposure! :U

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