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Starting Over In Nashville (Part 3)

They say Nashville is a “five year town”. I thought I could shave a couple years off by being experienced and coming in with a few contacts but now I’m not so sure. Being a seasoned drummer doesn’t help like it did in the Bay Area. In Nashville you’re expected to be seasoned. People don’t […]

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Starting Over In Nashville (Part 2)

As I drove across the country in my drum laden Jeep the great moods I kept feeling surprised me. I’d worried that the enormity of leaving my life behind might catch up at some depressing truck stop in the middle of nowhere and seize me with a wave of despair. But it never happened. I […]

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Starting Over In Nashville

There is an Italian Gondolier on Lake Merritt in my hometown of Oakland, CA. He has the boat and the pole, the Chianti, the outfit… he even sings Italian songs while pushing you around the water. An article about his Gondolier business in the Tribune when he first came to town. He was excited and […]

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